We are looking for, as the old Gutter guidelines put it, "well-written, fucked up stuff." This means nicely constructed stories in which things--that is, bad things--happen; stories that test boundaries and give readers something to think about while taking readers from A to B without getting lost.

We have little patience for stories that are not rooted in some kind of recognizable, comprehensible reality. Crime fiction, broadly defined, tends to fit the bill. If you have something that is not crime fiction, however, but is clever, edgy, violent, demented, etc., bounce it off us. If you have something that puts a brand new twist on what is normally thought of as crime fiction, you're speaking our language, but this also includes Westerns, edgy science fiction, slipstream, horror - as long as it tells a story. 
If you're unsure what all this means, check out some print issues of Out of the Gutter or research some fiction posted on this site.
Please submit all manuscripts in standard manuscript format. The limit of between 1000 and 3000 words is firm. 
Simultaneous subs are all right, as long as we are informed immediately if someone else picks your story up. No multiple subs, though - submit one piece at a time.
Original work only, please. No reprints. 
No pay but you do receive perpetual archiving in digital amber. 
The Bareknuckles Pulp Fiction Editor is Court Merrigan.