Flash Fiction Offensive publishes crime, suspense, thriller and mystery-related Book Reviews written by our Pre-Approved Parnters. Our Partners presently include David Nemeth, Ed "E.A." Aymar, Jason Beech, Paul D. Brazill and Steve W. Lauden.

If you would like to be considered as one of our Pre-Approved Partners, please send an email proposal to:

Jesse Rawlins


PLEASE NOTE THAT FLASH FICTION OFFENSIVE (FFO) a/k/a Out of the Gutter Online NO LONGER ACCEPTS Simultaneous Submissions.


Thanks for your interest in FFO, a flash fiction e-zine that presently publishes its stories at Out of the Gutter Online (www.outofthegutteronline.com). If you're checking out FFO for the first time, we encourage you to create a Facebook Page if you don't already own one. While the idea of owning a Facebook page doesn't appeal to many writers, published stories that don't appear and attract attention on social media sites like Facebook largely languish in obscurity. The Facebook Crime Writing Community is International in scope, and many quality people who are also quality writers rigorously support each other: we hope you'll grab the chance to meet them. (www.facebook.com/flashfiction.offensive/)

What kind of stories are we looking for at Flash Fiction Offensive? Generally Crime Fiction: the bank job that goes wrong; the drug deal that turns nasty. Stories that test boundaries and give readers something to think about while taking readers from A to B without them getting lost. Edgy-humorous stories and clever tales involving sex-capades can also fit the bill.

We're willing to include Crime Fiction that's set in other eras ( whether the days of Genghis Khan or in America's Wild-Wild-West). But we are NOT looking for Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Speculative Fiction or anything related: anything "related" includes horror stories involving Evil spirits, mythical creatures, and other imaginary ilk. (We do however accept wacky shit during October when we put out a Special Submission call for Halloween stories we call "Guttural Screams." We also solicit crazy Christmas stories for the month of December.)

FFO stories should pack a punch. And ideally end with a "twist" we never saw coming. Stories that are conflict-and-action driven: NOT philosophical meanderings, romantic sagas, or pastoral peaceful tales that get caught up in flowery descriptions. Stories can contain literary elements, but we ain't lookin' for "literary."

If you're not familiar with FFO, here are  4 fun sample stories. While they're not the only kinds of stories we accept and publish, taking the time to read and analyze them should give you a strong idea of what we're looking for in an FFO story.

Paul Greenberg: "Nice Guys Finish Bad"


Travis Richardson: "A Misunderstanding"


Rob Pierce: "The Hitter"


Alec Cizak: "Progress"


​Please include your name and email address at the top of the first page only.
Please include the Total Word Count below your email address. FFO's Maximum Word Count is 1,000 (the generally accepted max for flash fiction).

Font Type: Your story MUST BE submitted in Georgia 12 point Font
The margins must be Justified Left. 
Do NOT indent your paragraphs. They should be Justified Left as well.  
The story MUST be single spaced.
If your story contains "scene changes" please use three  ***  and keep them Left Justified whenever "scene changes" occur in your story.

We accept DOC and DOCX file types. While Submittable allows you to upload additional file types (such as JPEGS for author photos) we do NOT accept stories in any forms but DOC and DOCX.

​As a courtesy reminder:
Sloppy work will be ignored. Please remember to check your spelling and punctuation; also take good care to revise any awkward words and phrases.

As twas FFO tradition in ages long ago, if we enjoy your story, then Acceptance is now once again a two-part process.

First we will send you a Conditional Acceptance Letter. We'll explain the Rights we're seeking. And if you like what you hear, we'll ask you to write us back while saying "Yes, I accept."

In this Conditional Acceptance Letter, you'll also be asked to send us two things:

1. An author photo if you wish (author photos are not mandatory).
The minimum size requirements for author photos is at least 100KB (and the image should look "sharp" not "blurry").

2. An Author Bio of 75 words or less (written in third person). Your bio may contain up to 2 social media links and are not part of your word count. Your Author Bio must also be written in Georgia 12 point Font. 

Your Author Bio must also be copied and pasted into the HTML code provided below. If you don't send us your Author Bio properly formatted within this code, we will NOT publish your story. 

To format your Author Bio simply paste a complete copy of the bio between the arrows where the words paste entire author bio here appear in the code below. (Naturally you have to delete this phrase before pasting your bio between the Arrows.) If using a computer or laptop, rather than typing out this FFO Code Line, you can: 1. highlight this line with your Cursor 2. Press Control and C at the same time on your keyboard to copy this text; and 3. To paste this line into whatever document you're using, press Control and V at the same time on your keyboard (or select Paste from the dropdown Edit menu in Microsoft Word).

 <div class="authorbio">paste entire author bio here</div>

After ensuring your Author Bio is properly formatted, please send it to us in a DOC or DOCX attachment along with your attached author photo (assuming you want to send us a photo), while making sure to tell us, "Yes, I accept." When you send us these 3 things, please be sure to respond by replying to our Submittable email.

Once we've received everything requested above, we will send you a Final Acceptance Letter, and try to give you a ballpark date as to when your story will be published. Our goal is to publish stories between one and three months from date of acceptance.

Please remember: We do NOT want your bio or your author photo UNLESS we've sent you a Conditional Acceptance Letter. 

Should you have questions, please feel free to shoot us an email.

For now? Cheers, Good Luck and Best Wishes in your endeavors! And thanks for your interest in Flash Fiction Offensive. If you're already Signed-In to Submittable and you're ready to submit, you'll find all The Required Fields you need to complete right here on this page below our Contact Info.

The Miscreant FFO Editors at Out of the Gutter Online​

Flash Fiction Offensive publishes crime, suspense, thriller and mystery-related Author Interviews written by our Pre-Approved Parnters. Our Partners presently include David Nemeth, Ed "E.A." Aymar, Jason Beech, Paul D. Brazill and Steve W. Lauden.

If you would like to be considered as one of our Pre-Approved Partners, please send an email proposal to:

Jesse Rawlins


Out of the Gutter Online